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3012, 2016


Compliments Salon and Spa is dedicated to high customer satisfaction. It has come to our attention that Yelp has implemented some new business strategies. Yelp […]

3012, 2016

To Our Groupon Clients

For those of you who have chosen to visit Compliments Salon and Spa utilizing a Groupon, Thank you! For any future purchasers of any Groupon […]

3012, 2016

5 New Haircuts To Try for Spring

1) The Asymmetrical Pixie

The pixie cut is as it fullest this season, with the hair longer in the front and to one side. It […]

2912, 2016

Is your body lotion giving you CANCER!?

We are bombarded with stories every day about another friend or stranger with cancer or some other unidentified Tile Wilts id Maul (but equally terrifying) […]