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Indulge in luxury treatments that leave you fresh-faced and glowing. All facial services include a personal consultation to identify your customized treatment(s).

New ”Vela Shape III” Cellulite Treatment***
Non-invasive circumference reduction
Area Series 3 Treatments : $1000
Vela Shape 3
Spot Series 3 Treatments : $500
Sea Salt Glow$70
A sea salt glow, also called a salt scrub, benefits your skin by exfoliating and removing old skin cells..
With Wrap$50
Aloe Hydrating/Toning Wrap$90
A skin-soothing body wrap followed by hydrating lotion to seal in the goodness of skin quenching aloe. If your skin is burning for an instant relief from the effects of the sun, or reenergizing after a day at the pool, this relaxing wrap is a cool choice.
Essential Oil Body Treatment$90
Body is massaged by pouring hot oil continuously over the body. Tones back muscles and relieves stiffness of the back. Good for nervous system.
Body Sculpting single visit$300
Body Sculpting Series of 6$250
Body Sculpting Series of 12$200

customizing a salon and spa package

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