Innovative therapies, hair design and styling customized to your look, mood and lifestyle for healthy, beautiful hair you love. All hair services include a personal consultation, shampoo and blow dry, except conditioning treatment and special occasion styling.

Design cut & Style
Compliments spa provides best services with our professional staff our specialist giving you the best hair design cut & style.
New Talent : $45
Master Stylist : $55
Stylist : $60
Designer : $65

Design cut
We having a great desing to cut for all clients.
New Talent : $32
Master Stylist : $37
Stylist : $42
Designer : $48

We strive for the perfect cut, colour and style every time to suit each client’s.
New Talent : $22
Master Stylist : $24
Stylist : $27
Designer : $32

We love to make your little darlings look great! Our kid’s haircut is a special service just for the little ones.Let our stylists who are great with kids trim off the extra fly-aways while Mom and Dad get their own hair style.
New Talent : $20
Master Stylist : $22
Stylist : $24
Designer : $32

Special Occasion
We have specials offers or packages including these services and also have a staff for making you at your own home for special occasion like marriage, party and other occasions.
New Talent : $50
Master Stylist : $55
Stylist : $60
Designer : $65
Full Weave
We offer full weave hair color that means your fully hair color from start to end in a single color
New Talent : $90
Master Stylist : $95
Stylist : $105
Designer : $120

In a partial color we give you single color from mid to end of the hair or start to mid.
New Talent : $65
Master Stylist : $70
Stylist : $75
Designer : $80

Color First Time
We give you more reliable or permenant color whenever you come first time for color your hair this is the right place because our professional staff give you knowledge about hair coloring and suggest you a best of the best color which suites you and giving you a gorgeous looking.We use quality and branded colors which we give you a warranty thats our color don’t harm your hair so visit now.
New Talent : $75
Master Stylist : $80
Stylist : $<85/span>
Designer : $90

In retouching we color again your hair with previous color for more permanent your hair.
New Talent : $65
Master Stylist : $70
Stylist : $75
Designer : $80

Flash Highlights Bil
New Talent : $37
Master Stylist : $42
Stylist : $48
Designer : $53

Corrective Color$85 & Up

Camo Color for Men
New Talent : $40
Master Stylist : $45
Stylist : $50
Designer : $55
Permanent Wave
New Talent : $55
Master Stylist : $60
Stylist : $65
Designer : $70

Custom Wrap
New Talent : $80
Master Stylist : $85
Stylist : $90
Designer : $95

Partial Wave
New Talent : $40
Master Stylist : $45
Stylist : $50
Designer : $55

New Talent : $60
Master Stylist : $65
Stylist : $75
Designer : $80
Keratin Straightening Starting at $300
Price Varies With Length of Hair..
Color Lock$35 & Up
(with Keratherapy Treatment)

Express Renewal$105 & Up
4-6wks, includes Shampoo & Conditioner

Pure Renewal Plus$240 & Up
10-12wks, includes Shampoo & Conditioner


Our nail technicians customize your services to perfectly meet your hand and foot care needs, using Gel and Acrylic and sometimes combining both to meet any challenges you might have. Gel toes are our number one favorite!

Polish Change$18
These polishes are the simplest of the bunch; they are, in essence, pure color and also have a great shine and smoothness to them that really set them apart from other polishes.
Acrylic Full Set$58
A “full set” at a salon simply means that you will be getting all your nails extended, or overlaid with either Gel or Acrylics. It could be a full set of nail polish or Gel polish.
Acrylic Fill In$32
acrylics grow out with your nails. Every two to three weeks, you should return to the salon to have your nails filled in. Your technician will gently file down the acrylic edge closest to your nail bed, then fill in the empty area between your nail bed and the existing acrylic nail.
Acrylic Back Fill$48
A backfill is a technical term for doing a fill on a set of pink-and-whites; it is usually done with an electric file and involves taking down the surface of the nail so the smile line can be “re-created.”
Gel Full Set$58
Gel nails are an artificial nail enhancement that can be applied over the natural nail, a nail tip or … The manicurist can imbed a strip, or cover the entire nail with, a fiberglass fabric before curing.
Gel Fill In$37
nails, gel nails only harden when exposed to UV light. Geer explains that “Gel polishes are similar to nail polish – you have a base coat, polish color and top coat. Each coat has to be cured in the UV light for two to three minutes.”
Nail Repair$8
Nail trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, buff, callus removal, and conditioning, followed by hot towel wraps.
Includes file and cuticle tidy, light exfoliation, warm paraffin, massage, buff and polish change.
Children’s Manicure$22
Shape and buff the nails, Cleaning of cuticles, Warm lotion massage, Hot towels.
Add Shellac to Manicure$8
Shellac is a blend of gel and nail polish. Because it is like a polish, it can’t be used to extend your nail.
Shellac is a blend of gel and nail polish. Because it is like a polish, it can’t be used to extend your nail. Because it is like a gel, however, it does add strength and durability. In the long term Shellac is much less damaging to nails than traditional Gels
Spa Manicures$37
Our most luxurious Spa Manicures includes file and cuticle tidy, exfoliation, hand and arm massage, and unique ‘scent up’ ritual — all performed with luxurious Spa Manicures such as Shea Butter One-Minute Hand Scrub and Shea Butter Hand Cream.
French Manicure$42
The French manicure and pedicure is chic and classic.
Gel Toes$42
Treat yourself to beautiful gel toes! We have a large polish selection providing long lasting shine for up to 6 weeks.
Includes file and cuticle tidy, light exfoliation, hot towel wrap, foot and leg massage and polish change.
Paraffin Pedicure$60
A paraffin treatment can feel like just a luxurious splurge at the spa, but the truth is, it can be more than just an add-on to a manicure or pedicure.

Skin Care

Indulge in luxury treatments that leave you fresh-faced and glowing. All facial services include a personal consultation to identify your customized treatment(s).

Our Spa services are widely talked about and considered some of the best ever. Our Estheticians are some of the industry’s most skilled professionals with countless of years experience. Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience or skin care corrections through microdermabrasion or chemical peels, we offer customized esthetic services to target your needs.

All Occasions Full Face$65
Professional cosmetics by Jane Iredale, Motives & Cailyn

Eyes & Lips Only$30
Bridal see separate bridal menu.
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Teen Facial$50.00
Designed for adolescent skin needs. Promotes clear, healthy complexion.

CollaJam Facial$180
Includes treatment facial and return visit with a facial and derma plaining. Promotes Collagen Production while tightening, exfoliating and smoothing.

Deluxe European Facial$85.00
Deluxe European facial is the ultimate skin treat that produces healthy and younger looking skin while restoring balance and well-being.
Four Layer Facials$125
Your ticket to clean and healthy skin is right here: this glorious 75-minute anti-aging facial is for all skin types. Layer by layer, you’ll be lavished upon with rich nutrients and cleaning agents, experiencing what European-sourced seaweed is all about: rejuvenation, toning, and firming up your skin. Immediate results and long-term benefits are to be had!

  • Skin Toning
  • Skin Firming
  • Skin Clearing
  • Pore Refining
  • Nutrient-Rich

Acne Treatment$65.00
Acne is a problem of the skin that emanates from the collection of oil, bacteria and dead cells in the pores of your skin. The condition can reduce the life of a teenager to misery while lowering their confidence and self esteem significantly. At Complexions we take a multifaceted approach to the acne treatment, our acne treatments may include enzymes, chemical peels, vitamin infusions and LED blue light therapy.

Chemical Peel Treatment.$90.00-$145.00
Chemical peels can improve the skin’s appearance. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it “blister” and eventually peel off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands. They can be used to:Reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging
Improve the appearance of mild scars
Treat certain types of acne
Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills
Improve the look and feel of skin
Areas of sun damage may improve after chemical peeling.After a chemical peel, skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sun, so wear sunscreen every day. It should say “broad-spectrum” on the label, meaning it protects against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Limit your time in the sun, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and wear a wide-brimmed hat. and customized masque.
Add to any facial$50.00
All facials include: analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, customized mask, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen.
you need to be pampered, spa skin treatments are an ideal choice. From anti aging treatments to hydrating facials

Microderm Series 3 Facials$250
Treatment clears blocked follicles of bacteria, provides an antiseptic to control infections, and reduce break-outs and promotes healing while calming the skin. Treatments are done weekly or twice a week and may require more than 3 treatments. Treatments are based on severity of the acne.
Add a special serum ampoule$10.00
Collagen, Elastin, DNA, Cell Renewal & Hydratherm


Schedule a relaxing and therapeutic massage with our professional massage therapist to release muscle tension or regain your range of motion. You’ll be the envy of all!

Swedish Massage
A Swedish Massage uses classic long strokes and kneading to reduce tension and provide all over relaxation.
30 mins : $50
60 mins : $75
90 mins : $110

Hot Stone Massage $110
Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

Deep Tissue Massage$10
Deep Tissue Massage uses more direct pressure to release chronic muscle tension and regain range of motion (often due to sports, work or vehicle injuries).

The ancient art of Reflexology uses hand and foot massage to relieve stress throughout the entire body.

Maternity Massage$10
Mothers-to-be can benefit from the special attention given during a Maternity Massage using special bolsters for extra comfort.

Hot Stone $20
Add to any massage to melt away toxins

Aromatherapy $10
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of single essential oils and synergies (blends of 2 or more essential oils), by a trained aromatherapist.

  • Enhanced feelings of emotional balance
  • Enhanced feelings of mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity
  • Enhanced feelings of emotional well-being
  • Decreased feelings of worry
  • Enhanced feelings of monthly hormonal balance
  • Reduced sensation of muscle tension
  • Reduced sensation of pain
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved balance of mind, body, and spirit
  • Increased feeling of physical well-being
  • Stress relief
  • Many more

Spa & Massage Membership$59 Monthly

  • Covers your first 1-Hour Massage each month
  • $49 for each additional 60 min. massage
  • Add $10 for deep tissue
  • Add $20 for Hot Stone Massage
  • Add $20 for a 90 minute Massage
  • Save up to 40% off normal massage rates
  • Add shampoo style for only $25 after spa service
  • Save $15 on a Spa Pedicure
  • Save $20 on Specialty Facials
  • Add $20 to Cleansing Facial in exchange of your free monthly massage
  • 10% discount on all retail
Gift certificates are available for any service or amount. We can customize a Spa Package to fit any occasion.

  • Bridal
  • Graduation
  • Shower


Our waxing services are done with precision and careful attention to removing those pesky unwanted hairs in all ares of your body. Whether it’s removing facial hair, shaping eyebrows or cleaning the bikini line for the summer swim suit season our waxing services will leave you feeling soft and smooth. Compliment yourself to that silky sensation of a hairless body!

Eye Brow Arch$17
Eyebrows are your most important feature, providing a frame for your face. We’ll accent your natural size and shape with careful trimming and tweezing to create balance, symmetry and harmony.
The upper lip and lower lip is a place that hair grows naturally on many women. Unsightly though it is, there are only a few ways to get rid of it. Waxing the upper and lower lip is a simple process that involves skin temperature wax, a quick pull, and no residue. For precision, many estheticians (waxing professionals) also use tweezers to provide a completely hair free lip.
Getting rid of unwanted hair on the chin can be a painful experience. Waxing is one of the only ways to eliminate unwanted chin hair in a matter of seconds. A proper chin waxing will even begin to cause hair to grow back thinner, more slowly, or not at all. Chin waxing is one of the more popular facial waxing choices.
For women, hair on the cheeks usually grows in light, but can quickly become unsightly. For men, waxing the cheeks is a convenient way to begin eliminating the daily hassle of shaving. Sometimes, however, hair is too thick or long to properly wax.
Full Face$50
Includes an eyebrow touch up and removal of hair on the upper lip, cheeks and chin.
Half Legs$40
Removal of hair on both legs front and back, either from the top of the thigh to the knee or from the knee to the top of the ankle. This service varies in price based on the density of hair.
Full Legs$75
Removal of hair on both legs front and back, from the top of the thigh to the top of the ankle. This service varies in price based on the density of hair.
Bikini Wax$45
Removal of hair along the top and sides of panty line. As well as lower buttock including base of naval to top of panty line (trimming is optional).
Arm Wax$35
Removal of hair for both arms from the wrist to beginning of the shoulder.
Underarm Wax$20
Removal of hair in the underarm area.
Back Wax$45
Hair is waxed from the base of the neck to the small of your back, including the shoulders.
Chest Wax$40
Base of your neck to the top of your pant line.

Health & Vitality

Indulge in luxury treatments that leave you fresh-faced and glowing. All facial services include a personal consultation to identify your customized treatment(s).

New ”Vela Shape III” Cellulite Treatment***
Non-invasive circumference reduction
Area Series 3 Treatments : $1000
Vela Shape 3
Spot Series 3 Treatments : $500
Sea Salt Glow$70
A sea salt glow, also called a salt scrub, benefits your skin by exfoliating and removing old skin cells..
With Wrap$50
Aloe Hydrating/Toning Wrap$90
A skin-soothing body wrap followed by hydrating lotion to seal in the goodness of skin quenching aloe. If your skin is burning for an instant relief from the effects of the sun, or reenergizing after a day at the pool, this relaxing wrap is a cool choice.
Essential Oil Body Treatment$90
Body is massaged by pouring hot oil continuously over the body. Tones back muscles and relieves stiffness of the back. Good for nervous system.
Body Sculpting single visit$300
Body Sculpting Series of 6$250
Body Sculpting Series of 12$200

customizing a salon and spa package

Ask us about customizing a salon and spa package for you with the services your want.

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